Inaugurated in 2010, the flagship store located at 136 of the most luxurious avenue in Portugal is an undeniable reference among the best optical shops in the world. Private parking, VIP lounge, gourmet coffee service, and a private garden with a Koi fish pond are some of the features that make this shop unique.

Located in the heart of the country's largest luxury hub, the architecture and layout of the store were designed with eyewear in mind. The absence of visual noise and the contrast of the white light boxes with the ocean of black sucupira wood flooring make the protagonists of this "film"—the glasses—stand out.

From the most luxurious and exclusive brands in the world to the latest independent brands, from archives of over 3000 vintage models to the customisation atelier, from custom-made cases to store glasses to the ability to design your own model. We are known as the eyewear consultants to the stars and football players. It is here that we have the pleasure of working with various artists, both national and international, from different fields. Whether they seek a rare or vintage piece or wish to produce their own pair of glasses.

This is the dream store for any eyewear addict!

Av. da Liberdade, 136 A • 1250‐146 Lisboa

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 7.30pm

Phone: +351 21 44 60 080 / +351 91 72 72 182



More than just a shop, the new space is also a blend of museum and atelier, where it is possible to create unique and customised pieces to the client's taste. With a unique project at both national and international levels, the shop combines vintage and tailor-made pieces in the same space, showcasing a true family legacy. Designed by Joana Astolfi, a client and friend of the brand and the family, the decoration of the first floor was inspired by the old cabinets of curiosities, with pieces specifically designed for this shop or with years of history, such as the dozens of rare glasses the family has been collecting over the past decades. The lower floor houses the atelier, with all the tools, materials, and technical books, where the client can watch the manual production of their glasses, with all the mastery and savoir faire of traditional eyewear crafting techniques. Anything is possible, from producing a piece conceived and designed by the client to reproducing an old model, always considering anatomical measurements.

With the conviction that the future lies in differentiation, the Family Affair insignia, created especially for this project, is André Ópticas' new bet and promises to elevate the brand and the industry itself, continuing to invest in keywords that define the brand, such as experience, savoir faire, and soul.

Rua Serpa Pinto, N.12 A • 1200‐445 Lisboa

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 7.30pm

Phone:+351 21 58 48 300 / +351 91 10 99 057



Open since 1888, Óptica do Chiado is a cult shop. This boutique in Chiado offers a unique experience, recreating a luxury train carriage on the upper floor with custom-designed features, warm visuals, and sophisticated materials. The shop's walls are adorned with 'cabinets' filled with glasses, integrated tables and benches, playful wallpapers, warm colours, and exotic woods. This theme continues to the lower floor, where clients can have consultations in a meticulously designed office with vintage pieces from André Opticas' collection. Key features include warm lighting, brass details, and custom-made mosaic flooring, all designed by Studio Astolfi for a brand known for exclusivity and elegance.

A hub for the arts and letters, numerous public figures visit us daily, including architects, painters, politicians, actors, musicians, sculptors, writers, journalists, and foreign tourists. The space conveys an emblematic spirit through its vintage design and rare collections on display.

We offer eyewear dating from the 1800s to modern, traditionally produced brands, with a portfolio of collections from influential designers over the last 200 years. A private showroom allows clients to view new collections before they arrive in our shops.

Rua Garrett, N. 94 • 1200‐203 Lisboa

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 7.30pm

Phone: +351 21 32 64 000 / +351 91 66 27 275


Oeiras Parque

Located in the coolest shopping centre on the Cascais line, near the sea and the mountains, between the countryside and the city, our clientele is as diverse as possible. For this reason, André Opticas at Oeirasparque is an eclectic store with a very broad range of collections, offering all the services you could ever need. From the most renowned eyewear brands showcased in Paris and Milan, to the coolest and sportiest styles for the beach and sports, you'll find a bit of everything. We also maintain a permanent stock of the best contact lens brands, and our consultation rooms are at your disposal from morning till night, every day of the year. A friendly and attentive team will be waiting to welcome you and advise you on the best products and services.

Oeiras Parque, loja 1021/2 • 2780‐195 Oeiras

Monday - Sunday, 10am - 11pm

Phone: +351 21 44 60 080 / +351 91 72 72 182



Located on the outskirts of Oeiras, about 500 meters from Oeirasparque, is our headquarters. This is our command center, warehouse, training center, and testing ground for new technologies. This is where it all began, making it a very special store for us. With a very familiar atmosphere, the space is an extension of the street, where people enter just to say "Good morning."

A store where people are known by their names, where grandparents, parents, and children come together for family eye health assessments, demonstrating the loyalty power of our company and the excellent services provided since 1981.

A "neighborhood" store, as they say... we prefer to call it a "family" store.

R. da Figueirinha, 24 A • 2780‐014 Oeiras

Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 7.30pm
Saturday, 9.30am - 1pm

Phone: +351 21 44 06 560 / +351 91 87 57 118



In the year it celebrates its 35th anniversary, André Opticas presents a new image and store concept. The location chosen to unveil the new look is the CascaiShopping mall, specifically on the ground floor.

The new store offers various premium services – offices equipped with the most advanced technologies for prescription calculations, model customisation, bespoke creation, atelier-tinted coloured lenses, restoration of vintage glasses, and the sourcing of specific models requested by clients.

In terms of design, the new image and store concept stands out with a strong brass component, combined with a black gold floor, creating an atmosphere that combines the luxury and elegance of the brand. The space is further adorned with gilded mirrors and complemented by small rosewood tables and retro-inspired chairs.

This store renovation is part of a strategy to adapt to the spaces they occupy.

Cascaishopping, loja 0.009A • 2645‐543 Alcabideche

Monday - Sunday, 10am - 11pm

Phone: +351 21 46 00 840 / +351 91 25 33 052