RITA Optical Frame

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52 mm 18 mm 140 mm


Model: RITA

Material: Acetate

FAMILY AFFAIR is a Lisbon based luxury eyewear brand owned by the passionate family Nunes Leal whom after years of curating, representing and distributing the worlds finest eyewear brands, decided to set themselves apart by creating a truly unique eyewear concept. They established themselves as one of the few brands in the world that creates bespoke and made to order spectacles and sunglasses. Their creations are totally handmade and controled by the family craftsmen that have years of research and dedication to classic artisanal techniques and all the made to order line models are truly unique due to the handcrafted type of production. They aim not to make eyewear rather than facial sculptures to better explain their craft, commitment and passion. Family Affair logo is based on the Nunes Leal family shield represented by the loyal guard dogs, as well as the seven stars that represent the six family members, and the seventh being the client, the wearer, the new family member. There is also the house collection composed by shapes that somehow have impressed the family and are part of the brands design heritage and history and only produced in micro series, this way, alligned with the brand philosophy of individuality and exclusive objects of desire. The use of the worlds finest raw materials is mandatory, hence they source the best cotton acetates, sustainable and animal friendly Asian Water Buffalo Horns and precious woods, not to mention very rare and limited vintage acetate slabs sourced in old factorys around the world. Regarding the hardware the story is no diferent and from the 3 barrelled hinges, to rivets, screws and core wires, all was designed from scratch and the materials used along with the extra metal thickness for maximum style and performance give all Family Affair creations a unmistakable look that you wont find anywhere else. The frames are dreamed, designed, produced in the brand´s workshop in beautifull city of Lisbon where the amazing family atelier displays the machinery and tools where the frames are produced. It takes 60 diferent steps to create a Family Affair, and more than a year if you count the time spent to produce the cotton acetate that is left to dry and become matured. After this the family craftsmen, according to the client´s desire, laminates and fuses diferent slabs creating unique colours. These are then hand cutted and filed, a process that can take up to 3 weeks. The frames and the temples are also submited to a surface treatment of tumbling and hand polishing along with some secret techniques developed by the skylled family craftsmen. All in all, there are many steps from the begining to the final product but there is a constant through out the process... a lot of love, passion and respect.