EXCLUSIVE021 Optical Frame

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54 mm 16 mm 135 mm


Model: Exclusive021

Material: 24Kts Gold plated metal

This is a new old stock, never worn piece of eyewear history. A true design from the  80´s screaming style all over the place. 

Hilton is another iconic brand born out of the 80's and has become one of the most sought after vintage eyewear brands today.The phenomenom success started after luxurybrands like Cartier and Fred started in the eyewear market, Hilton started producing high quality gold plated sunglasses and frames that were often heavily inspired by their competitors. Its styles and shapes are very similar to some of the most iconic models of Cartier - with subtle details, that sometimes made their models even better than the ones it was copied from, those details where a direct result of the Italian craftsmanship in the 80´s. Due to the originality and very high production standard of their designs, Hilton soon conquered the Hip Hop community with many celebrities in pop culture around the world being the brand ambassadors. Names like Kendal Jenner, Tory Lanez, Beyonce, 2 Chainz, Migos and more that were true fans of Hilton vintage sunglasses and frames especially the bootleg versions of classic Fred and Cartier designs. Hilton still exists today but wit a completely diferent approach to their models design and statement.

This model is a New Old Stock that has never been worn. A true collectors item brought from the past totally refurbished and reconditioned just for you. Possible to fit prescription and sunlenses. Original case not available. We are constantly digging new models and designs and we proudly curate a huge archive of VINTAGE eyewear designs.