10601H Sunglasses

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45 mm
27 mm
145 mm


Model: 10601H

Material: Titanium

The luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses from Mitsuhiro Matsuda, considered to be one of the most influential eyewear designers in history, have been vacant from EU distribution since the early 2000s. Artsy-­‐chic and elegant, Matsuda fulfills this decade’s need for understated luxury. A top selling brand through the late 1980s and 1990s. The Essential Collection features new designs drawing upon classic Matsuda details made of pure titanium and premium Japanese acetate. The Heritage Collection consists of limited production re­‐issues of best selling original styles. The Precious Collection makes use of hand engraved sterling silver and 18k gold. Longtime fans of Matsuda, luxury eyewear aficionados, and those yet to discover the brand will appreciate the uniqueness of the designs and the attention to detail -­‐ each frame is handmade one at a time with precise Japanese engineering. The brand is exclusively distributed in the top eyewear retailers in Europe who are dedicated to delivering a luxury experience to clients and tastemakers alike. Matsuda’s legendary Japanese eyewear collection has long been known for its exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail, design, and use of engraved metals. A long time favorite of celebrities and fans of lux eyewear, pop culture boosted Matsuda in the early 90’s when Linda Hamilton donned Matsuda sunglasses in the blockbuster film, Terminator 2. Mitshiro Matsuda is recognized as being the first fashion designer to meld architecture and fashion. Born in Tokyo to parents in the silk trade, Matsuda was exposed to design from a very young age. He attended the renowned design school, Bunka, in Tokyo and was a founder of Tokyo Fashion Week. After graduating, he moved to Paris , with roommate Kenzo Takada, where he found inspiration for his future collections. In 1967 Matsuda returned to Tokyo and created Nicole Co., named after a model Matsuda saw in Paris that made a huge impression on him, which took the Japanese market by storm. The designs were intricately detailed, yet suprisingly restrained intrepretations of classic styles. A signature look was a structured suit with a crisp white dress shirts. The singer Prince, one of his earliest fans, would only be seen in Matsuda.