Yamada Mitsukazu Diamond Cut Series I
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Brand History

Limited edition Diamond Cut Series, featuring 8mm thick acetate, gold plating on 7 barrel hinge and new temple with TVR® logo metal core detailing. TVR® is collaborating with eponymous brand Yamada Mitsukazu® for the first time to release a limited edition Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® Series 1. The unique collection is based on an ‘East meets West’ concept where traditional Japanese handcrafted artistry meets vintage French design. Series 1 is a special collection that is patented from a TVR® archive and perfected by Yamada-san who has over 60 years of experience under his belt. This is further elevated with the skills of a master craftsman who specializes in polishing, and has over four decades of hand-made frame polishing experience. The shape of this limited edition piece is a classical archival French vintage design from the year 1930 to 1960. It was a shape that informed the Crown Panto in the past but reimagined to its own unique character. Its thickness at 8mm references French vintage fronts with 6mm temples that ensure ultimate comfort and fitting despite it being a bold eyepiece. Notice the diamond cutting technique, a 90-degree edge without curved angles, which forms the very structure of the eyepiece. The frame fronts are also put through a special polishing process by a specialized craftsman who adds the finishing touch to each piece. The front of the frame is flat without rivet detailing to ensure a clean and minimalistic look. The thick frame is balanced with wide library temples tapering to flared tips. However, its uniqueness lies in the use of 8mm front that is perfected using the diamond cut technique. This ensures a beautifully flat bridge surface and excellently fitted temple.

Eyewear made yesterday is made today the same way, in True Vintage Revival style. There are no rocket science tools or methods used in the making of True Vintage Revival (TVR) eyeglasses. Known as the home to handmade eyeglasses, Sabae, Japan has created a positive impression to connoisseurs of the industry as a breeding land for talented artisans who have developed their skills and an eye for precision that are said to be better than machines. And here’s where every piece of TVR eyeglasses are made. Using mainly hand tools that are passed down from master to apprentice, most of these museum-worthy pieces carry some of the most prolific history in eyewear evolution. Vintage design features are greatly highlighted in the making of the TVR classics. These include the keyhole-bridge, functional spear rivets, 7-barrel hinges, and miter cut techniques that are boldly executed with the unrivalled skills and technical know-hows. Piece by piece, every one of a TVR eyewear is honed with decades of expertise by selected artisans from Sabae. Each pair of glasses starts with the “Datum Expression Size” technique, a specialized measurement method commonly used during the 50s in Japan to obtain the subtle balance of the eyewear. TVR also refers to only original templates and blueprints in the creation process of these first-class traditional optical frames. Once the frame takes shape, the craftsmen will begin adjusting every little details with intricate care and precision. It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new. As TVR continues to bring forth authentic vintage styles with traditional skills, iconic designs and high-quality materials, we are also paving the way for classic vintage eyeglasses to once again be mainstream through true vintage revival.




Lenses: 48 mm
Bridge: 25 mm
Temples: 150 mm