KATO Sunglasses

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Brand History

The Oakley brand was born in 1975, with one mad scientist, his garage laboratory, a small investment, and a dog named Oakley. Wanting to break through the boundaries of industry standards, the founder of Oakley, James ‘Jim’ Jannard, aspired to create products that worked better and looked better than anything out there: he wanted artwork that performed.
The Oakley history consists of years of innovation and new product technologies that have led to 600 worldwide patents and the evolution of a leading and instantly recognisable multinational brand. The ear socks of Oakley glasses are still made from ‘Unobtainium®’ as are the nosepieces of many frames. Oakley has made a name for itself as the forerunner of the industry developing sports products, but the high-end appeal of their casual eyewear ensures that top celebrities all want to be seen wearing Oakley frames.




Lenses: 49 mm
Bridge: -- mm
Temples: 136 mm

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