SANTOS DE CARTIER 169/O Optical Frame

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54 mm 17 mm 145 mm


Model: CT0169O

Material: Acetate / Metal

Louis-François Cartier established Maison Cartier in 1847 in Paris after 10 years of apprenticeship in a jewelry workshop. The Maison Cartier had an immediate success with the French Imperial court and became a point of reference for the aristocracy. In 1872 after the maison created strong relationships with the Brithish court, the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII, referred to Cartier as "Jeweler to Kings, King of Jewelers". Driven by a constant quest for excellence in design, innovation and expertise, the Maison stands in a unique and enviable position, that of a leader and pioneer in its field. A reference of true and timeless luxury in the world, with highly recognizable collections and perfectly handcrafted pieces. With a strong legitimacy since 1887, when Louis Cartier produced its very first optical instrument for Princess D`Essling, an amazing jewel on the form of a Lorgnette in tortoise shell and diamonds. In 1898, Alfred’s oldest son Louis joined the family business, now known as ‘Alfred CARTIER et Fils’. This was when the Belle Cartier Eyewear’s quality is reached through a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, leveraging on the Maison savoir-faire and the pioneering design with sophisticated, contemporary design, with all the maison symbols in homage for its design history, with precious finishing. In 1904, Louis Cartier created the first wristwatch for his famous Brazilian friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, a famous aviator and one of the pioneers of aviation. Cartier developed the wristwatch in response to Santos-Dumont’s difficulty´s on checking a pocket-watch while piloting over the Atlantic. Since then the Santos collection is a classic in Cartier products and the screws, reminiscent to the airplanes fuselage are an iconic statement of the maison specially with the Vendôme style worn by Christopher Walken in JAMES BOND movie in 1985. In 1919, during the 1st world war the TANK collection is born through a squared wristwatch inspired by the war tanks. In 1983 the Cartier Lunettes Collection is born and André Opticas founders where present to witness this amazing happening. Since then, the Maison launched amazing and highly collectible eyepieces that for sure will endure through time and carry on in collectors and connoisseurs dreams and desires. We proudly curate and constantly search for these rare items to keep our archive full of treasures for your eyes only.