ROTARY1 Sunglasses

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56 mm 16 mm 140 mm


Model: Rotary1

Material: Acetate

Never worn piece of eyewear history from the 70´s.

The story began in 1961, when Walter A. Nufer founded the company NEOSTYLE in Stuttgart. He immediately implemented his concept of developing eyewear frames, which were not merely functional but also met up-coming trends. Thus originated an avant-garde eyewear style. Details became of major importance. The NEOSTYLE boom happens in the 70´s when Konstantin Livas, the head designer, creates de NAUTIC line that was a sensation among celebrities in the USA. The most iconic of them all, Elvis Presley, saw them in his opticians on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. He liked them so much he ordered 5 there and then a further 3 solid gold frames ornately embellished on temples. Elvis wore it in the 70s in many of his legendary performances, and at the unforgettable 1972 in Madison Square Garden concert. Besides Elvis there are numerous celebrities that acted as NEOSTYLE ambassadors like, Ray Charles, Telly Savalas, Don King, Elizabeth Taylor, Moby, Oprah Winfrey, Patrick Swayze, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, Queen Elizabeth, R Kelly, David Bowie, Kim Bassinger to name a few... we have a huge archive of VINTAGE NEOSTYLE frames and our collections is in constant change. But the classics like the NAUTIC worn by ELVIS are always present in our VINTAGE archive.

This model is a New Old Stock that has never been worn. A true collectors item brought from the past totally refurbished and reconditioned just for you. Possible to fit prescription and sunlenses. Original case not available.