GALILEO Optical Frame

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52 mm 19 mm 147 mm


Model: AKX403

Material: Acetate / Titanium

Akoni Means “Inestimable, Priceless, Worthy Of Admiration.” Akoni eyewear is made in Japan by expert craftsman using only the finest materials and time honored techniques. Japan’s tradition of high end eyewear manufacture is long and storied, making Akoni the ultimate guarantee of quality. Akoni’s commitment to environmentally friendly materials underlies its use of cellulose acetate (zyl) from Japan. Unlike plastic—a petroleum based product— zyl is made from renewable wood and cotton-based materials. Akoni’s Japanese zyl is universally regarded as the world’s finest because of its unmatched density, strength, beauty, luster, and ability to maintain its shape and resistance to shrinkage over time. Even after years of use, Akoni’s zyl frames can be re-polished to look and feel like new. Another material present in the collection is Japanese Titanium, another Japanese expertise. Titanium eyewear was little more than a dream until the 1980’s when Japan pioneered the technology necessary to craft titanium into super-strong, featherweight frames. Hypoallergenic, similar in weight to aluminum but twice as strong, and stronger than steel at about half its weight—titanium is the ideal material for crafting high-end eyewear. But not all titanium is created equal and the world’s finest is still available exclusively in Japan, designed for a lifetime of use, Akoni’s titanium frames are virtually indestructible. Deceptively elegant at first glance, n of each Akoni frame reveals intricate and distinctive detailing that is the hallmark of the brand. The brand has long found inspiration in the sophisticated artistry and extraordinary level of detailing exhibited by the world’s finest and most collectable wristwatches, writing instruments and other uniquely personal items that symbolize individual accomplishment and have stood the test of time. In this era of deceptively low-priced, quickly discarded, fast-fashion offerings, truly superior design possesses its own unique promise of sustainability—Since very few of us will ever freely discard a beautiful creation that continues to improve our lives. That’s why Akoni believes that perhaps the greenest strategy possible is one that will always insist on timeless luxury designs, intended to last a lifetime. Whenever possible, the brand opts for earthfriendly materials and procedures. Acetate frames rely on Cellulose Acetate , made from renewable wood and cotton- GREEN HARMONY based material. Inspired by generations of intrepid pioneers—from Crete’s Icarus to NASA’s first astronauts—who courageously flew high above our planet to explore the great unknown, Akoni collection draw their names from celestial bodies, spaceflight programs, aviation, science, and technology. Each season, Akoni’s team will build upon these signature silhouettes, incorporating the latest advances in design and technology to ensure the recognizable presence of Akoni’s intelligent luxury DNA.