BABY IM GONE Optical Frame

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Material: Acetate 

Anna-Karin Karlsson is known as one of the world’s leading brand for luxury eyewear. Combining avant-garde design with extravagant materials and immaculate execution, each frame is a piece of art. The company is based in Sweden and the designs are sold in more than 50 countries all over the world. Lavish glamour, ultra feminine designs contrasted by strong sharp lines have become the brands characteristics. The avant-garde designs are executed only through the highest level of handcraft and exclusive materials such as 24k gold, white gold, rosé gold and titanium. Pearls, emerald stones, hand-set crystals and even diamonds decorate the ornate designs. The ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON brand has in just a few years produced instant classics at the same time as they continue to push the boundaries of haute-couture eyewear. Through traditional skills, AKK creates eyewear that continues to push the boundaries of eyewear couture. Combining high fashion and new techinques, each model is a piece of art. The designs are elaborate and visionary still, she never compromises craftsmanship or quality. The frames are made to last for generations. A life of arts is what makes Anna-Karin Karlssons heart beat. Music and painting are essential creative processes, not only inspiration, but the root from which all her work stems. Anna-Karin has been a part of the London underground music scene and produced music alongside her rise as a designer. Solo art exhibitions with her painting happened in 2013. Anna-Karin's unique vision and style is born in the juxtaposition of music, art, and the theatrical. Initially she sees her work as cinematic scenes, visualizing characters, set design, costumes and musical score. She then sketches down the scene in forms and colour, and the design takes shape. Every design has a setting, a name, and a story that goes with it. ”People want things with a heart – with thought and depth – and I want my designs to live a beautiful, romantic life.”